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The Sir Richard Stapley Educational Trust


What we do

Founded in 1919 by the businessman and philanthropist Sir Richard Stapley (1843-1920), the Sir Richard Stapley Educational Trust supports the work of students of proven academic achievement, and in financial need, who are pursuing certain postgraduate qualifications or further degrees at an educational institution in the UK. Open to students from all countries, generally applicants must be intending to live in the UK throughout their course of study. The Trust supports certain postgraduate courses in any subject, as well as courses in medicine, dentistry or veterinary studies taken as a second degree. All grants are made annually and are normally between £550 and £1,250 for the academic year.

Find out if you're eligible

Before making an application for a grant, please check that you are eligible. The basic criteria are as follows: The Trust provides small grants to students pursuing certain postgraduate qualifications in all fields of study, as well as degrees in medicine, dentistry and veterinary studies taken as a second degree. Applications are welcome from students beginning their first year of study, as well as from those who have already embarked on their course. 
Please see our applications page for fuller details of who is eligible to apply for a grant from the Trust. 

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