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Hello! I’m Sarah Otner, one of the trustees of the Trust.


I have remembered the Trust in my Will to repay a debt of gratitude. I would not have been able to achieve my professional successes without my highest qualifications - which the Trust supported financially. Including the Trust in my Will means I can support the Trust but without the anxiety about affording the commitment within my lifetime.


I hope that you too will consider whether to leave a legacy to help support future postgraduates. We can do so much more with your support!    



Dr sarah Otner, trustee
Remembering the Trust in your Will: 

If you decide to include the Trust in your Will, you can ask your solicitor or professional advisor to do this by giving them the following details: 


The Sir Richard Stapley Educational Trust: Registered charity number: 313812
PO Box 1423
Warrington WA4 9YH

What to leave?

You could choose to leave the Trust a specific cash sum or alternatively a percentage of your estate. Depending on your circumstances it is possible that your estate will save on inheritance tax if you leave charitable gifts in your Will.

What to tell us:

It is entirely up to you whether you tell us that you are remembering the Trust in your Will. We will never ask you to share information about the value or type of gift you have chosen to leave to the Trust. That is a private matter for you. You simply have to tell your solicitor or professional adviser how much, or alternatively what percentage of your estate, you would like to leave to the Trust. 

Your Gift, Our Promise: 

We recognise that when you prepare your Will, your family and close ones must come first. 


We know that personal circumstances change and there might be a time when you decide you need to take the Trust out of your Will. 


Finally, if you do choose to remember the Trust with a gift in your Will: thank you - we will use it wisely! 

any queries?

If you have an queries about remembering the Trust in your Will please contact our Clerk at

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